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Trombonist. Composer. Arranger.

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I’ve always believed that music is a reflection of the soul, and like a path leading to the unknown can lead you in many directions.  There are many forks in the path and the directions you choose can shape your life, your perspective, and your future direction.  The important aspect is to keep following the path.  We all start off on a path and while it is easy to get side tracked and fall off the path creating stagnant and negative energy, we must strive to continue moving forward.  As well, music must continue to move forward.  To take a single idea of 2,3,4 or even more notes and allow them the room to grow and breathe into multiple ideas is how music is perpetuated and developed.  As a composer and player of music I’ve always tried to keep an open mind to where the music takes me, because I have found that with the internal focus on the limitless possibilities of where the music could lead, you allow the mind to wander and a whole world of imagination is opened up.  Welcome the joy of listening to music as it surrounds you.  Close your eyes and let your imagination be free, for that is what the true beauty of music is, freedom of the mind and soul - embrace it - let it be the catalyst of all things positive…….. READ MORE

COMING FEBRUARY 10, 2023:  Standard-IZED!


Recorded and mixed at Sound on Sound Studios.

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