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"...A horns and strings friendly adventure you won’t soon forget."

A New Light

Cap, 2022


The trombonist Eric Goletz returns with his 2nd album as bandleader, where he extends off the greatness of his debut with a very diverse and exciting performance that recruits Randy Brecker, Jim Ridl and Henry Heinitsh, among many others.

“Prelude: Before The Light” opens the listen with much atmosphere before the horns burst into the intoxicating and big band influenced title track, which benefits much from Goletz’s firm trombone. Further along, “Dig” bounces and shuffles with a playful Latin rhythm as Ridl’s piano and Brecker’s trumpet are on full display, while “Enchanted” trims the pace back with a romantic and lush climate. “Greene Street Groove” is then populated by blues and funk flavor that’s quite infectious and memorable.

“Don’t Gimme That” lands near the end and is the best track, where the buzzing energy welcomes solos from Allen Farnham’s keys in addition to Brecker and Goletz, and “Postlude: After The Light” exits the listen with all the melody, chemistry and precise attention to detail that’s present in the earlier tunes meshed into one well thought out and charming finish.

Goletz’s decades of experience is certainly evident here, and the eclectic textures, not to mention the esteemed help on hand, make for a horns and strings friendly adventure you won’t soon forget.

Travels well with: The Chris Saunders Band- Dancing With The Widow St. James; Eric Goletz- Into The Night…


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