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"...fresh and exciting arrangements!"

Review by Michael Doherty

Thanks toMichael Doherty of Michael Doherty's Music Log for his review of Eric Goletz's latest album, "Standard-ized!," to be released on February 10th.

ERIC GOLETZ – “STANDARD-IZED!” – Cap Records As you might gather from the album’s title, the new album from trombonist Eric Goletz focuses on standards, but with fresh and exciting arrangements. It opens with Charlie Parker’s “Now’s The Time,” and it isn’t long before Eric Goletz is delivering some delicious work on trombone. On this one, he is joined by Don Braden on saxophone, and the two engage in some great play. This track also features good leads by Jim Ridl on piano, and by Henry Heinitsh on guitar. Then “Just In Time” comes at us at a great clip, featuring some phenomenal work by Brian Glassman on bass. The band is cooking here, so just do your best to hang on. That’s followed by a cool rendition of “Caravan.” On this track the group is joined by a string section, adding to the track’s mood and atmosphere. And in the second half, things really begin to move, each musician adding to the story in short bursts. Soon they ease back into the main theme, the strings coming in again. This for me is one of the disc’s highlights.

And then check out the percussion on “Nutville.” Steve Johns plays drums on this album, and Joe Mowatt is on percussion. This track also features more good work by guest Don Braden on sax. There are two tracks to feature vocals on this release, both with LaJuan Carter. The first is a beautiful rendition of “Nature Boy,” a track that also features the string section. Carter delivers a haunting, captivating performance. Then “Train Shuffle” is all about that good groove. “Jungle Juice” also contains a great groove, and features some excellent work on piano. Things really take off during “Mayreh,” a track that has a delicious energy and features some excellent work on drums. The album switches gears then with “The Summer Knows,” featuring some gorgeous work from the string section and a moving lead by Eric Goletz. That’s followed by an unusual rendition of “Summertime,” with a Latin rhythm, a different sort of setting than is usually given this song. But perhaps the coolest track is “Sugar,” with Eric Goletz supported by just bass and drums. I love the vibe of this one, and it features some memorable work on bass, while Eric Goletz takes us on a delightful ride. That’s followed by “Windmills Of Your Mind,” the second track to feature LaJuan Carter on vocals. This one also features Eric Goletz on piano, as does his sweet rendition of Stevie Wonder’s “Overjoyed.”

The album then concludes where it began, with a short return to “Now’s The Time,” along with a bit of studio banter. This album is scheduled to be released on February 10, 2023.

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