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"Into the Night, is an uplifting, joyous album."

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

May 24, 2021

ArStash by Bill Donaldson

“You have to give Eric Goletz credit for perseverance. And for virtuosity. And for creating music that reaches out to listeners while providing inimitable improvisational excellence. Into the Night, is an uplifting, joyous album. Goletz’s, and the other band members’, exhilaration in creating music is apparent, even without listeners being present to see his sextet perform.”

“Goletz, despite starting tracks with the mellowness associated with the trombone, doesn’t take long to improvise with his own formidable technique identified by incredible rapidity, on-the-mark precision and in-the-groove imagination that seem without force or artifice to arise from his personality.”

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